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100% Italian type 2 flour, fresh “Sapori del latte” dairy products, “Birra Salento” craft beer, “Rosso Gargano” tomato, EVO oil from the award-winning “Ciccolella” oil mill and Vincenzo Fazio, Cetara anchovies in a journey of 100% Italian taste. Since 2004 #AnticaRoma #madeingusto 2022

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Grazie a voi per questo bellissimo traguardo!

Ancient Rome celebrates its 20 years of activity with events, new dishes and gadgets!

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Vuoi vincere 50 euro in buono cena ?

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Prima...vera Pizza

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100 Board Games

from Monday to Friday challenge your friends with 1 of our 100 board games. Choose between classic titles or the latest releases and let yourself be carried away by the fun!

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Dishes of the day

Latest creations of taste

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Beers - Wines - Drinks

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News 2023 - Aperipizza and Cocktail

An exclusive and alternative aperitif to enjoy together! Happy hours from 19:30 to 21:00

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Baby menu

Happy pizza menu for your baby gladiators! Pizza - drink - chips and collectible game.

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Fried treats

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Fried chicken

Double crunchy breading according to an ancient recipe

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The famous matrons of Ancient Rome who have marked history.

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100% Italian type 2 flour - high hydration - 40 hours of maturation - maximum digestibility - Gargano red tomato, "Sapore del latte" dairy products, Ciccolella 1878 EVO oil (best fruity oil in Italy 2022 award) and all genuine ingredients of our land.

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Dulcis in fundo... not to be missed!

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Large selection of Amari. Grappas and distillates

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Food intolerance menu

Cover charge €2.00 each. We are open from Monday to Saturday from 7.00pm to 12.30am Every evening, except Saturday, possibility to play over 100 table games at no cost. Ask the waiter for the list immediately!

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